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The Great Train Robbery

Theatre Fest West 2018 A Scratchworks Theatre Production in The Salberg
22 February 2018 The Salberg
The Great Train Robbery


Thursday 22 February at 7.45pm

It’s 1963: the heist of the century is underway.

Signals are scrambled, phone lines cut and millions of pounds in cash – stolen. Five days later the first clues are found, the gang is busted and the rest is history. But what about the ones that got away?

 In our version of events, the anonymous four were women, hired to clean the robbers’ hide-out. After all, in 1963 who would suspect a woman?

Based on true events, Great Train Robbery follows these four forgotten females as they leave behind their kitchen-sink lives and embark on a madcap adventure of mischief and mayhem. 

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Tickets £13.50 (under 25s £9)
Recommended age 7+

Fest West Multibuy - Save up to £24.50

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