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Theatre Fest West 2018

SW Theatre Symposium

9 February 2018 In The Playhouse Rehearsal Room

After the success of last year’s sell-out symposium, Salisbury Playhouse, Take Art, Theatre Bristol and Activate ...

No Kids

9 February 2018 The Salberg

No Kids is a personal exploration by real-life couple and co-artistic directors of Theatre Ad Infinitum, Nir Paldi and ...

Happiness Ltd

10 February 2018 The Salberg

When video game designer Vi broke up with Becky, she used what she knew. She wrote herself a list.

The Gingerbread Man

13 - 14 February 2018 The Salberg

Imagine being born in an oven and the first person you meet wants to dunk you in his tea!

Journey to the Impossible

15 February 2018 The Salberg

A coming-of-age quest, featuring epic songs, cinematic storytelling and hip-hop dance.

Friday Night Triple Bill

16 February 2018 The Salberg

FRIDAY NIGHT TRIPLE BILL A special evening of theatre with three short plays presented together by different ...

Half the World Away

17 February 2018 The Salberg

A nostalgia trip of a comedy, featuring pink shrimps and 90s hits.

Say That Again

19 February 2018 The Salberg

Do you recall Round the Horne? Have you fond remembrances of The Goon Show? Then pay a visit to the second annual episode ...

Secondary School Writers' Prize Winners

21 February 2018 The Salberg

A special evening of entertainment which sees the three winning plays from the Key Stage 3 Original Drama competition ...

The Great Train Robbery

22 February 2018 The Salberg

It’s 1963: the heist of the century is underway. Signals are scrambled, phone lines cut and millions of pounds in cash ...

Mummy Monster

23 February 2018 A secret kitchen location

Taking place in a secret kitchen location, Mummy Monster is about one woman’s journey from a seeming state of balance ...

We are Bronte

24 February 2018 The Salberg

Morecambe and Wise meet David Lynch in this madcap reimagining of the Brontë myth, presented in Publick ...