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Fun for all the family this spring

A Strange New Space
24 January 2017

There is plenty to keep the whole family entertained in Salisbury Playhouse’s spring/summer season, including popular storybook favourites, a trip across distant lands and a rock show.

February half term sees the return of the unswervingly energetic Stuff and Nonsense with 3 Little Pigs. Full of puppets, music, comedy and thrills, the three little pigs discover building your home is not as easy as it looks. Perfect for ages 2 and above, 3 Little Pigs is in The Salberg for two performances on Monday 13 February.

Youth Music Theatre UK will host a full day workshop for 16-25 year olds on Writing for Musicals on Tuesday 14 February. Aimed at anyone who has an interest in writing and a passion for music, it will provide an interesting overview of the techniques and skills used by writers and composers of musical theatre.

On Wednesday 15 February Kid Carpet brings The Super Mega Rockin’ Rock Show to Salisbury. He will guide you through everything you need to know to be able to rock out – even if it’s your first gig. This anarchic family show is a half term treat for those aged 4-10 years.

Leaf is a playful show for the under 3s inspired by nature and the seasons. It is performed in The Salberg on Friday 3 and Saturday 3 March and children are invited onto the stage at the end of the performance to play among the leaves and explore a landscape created by the changing seasons.

The popular children’s book The Giant Jam Sandwich is brought to the stage on Saturday 25 March. When four million wasps invade the quiet village of Itching Down the picnickers panic and the farmer stops haymaking. The wasps are noisy, nasty and, worst of all, they don’t mind who they sting. That is until the baker has an ingenious idea… Join the villagers in their giant sandwich-making plan – perfect for ages 3-6 years.

The Easter holidays start with A Strange New Space which takes audiences on an imagined voyage into space. Did you know that Astronauts get taller in space? That our solar system is around 4.6 billion years old? Or that there are more stars in the universe than grains of sand on all of the beaches on Earth? Amira knows all of these things. She is completely obsessed with space and dreams of becoming an Astronaut. One night, her mother tells her they must leave their hometown to go on an adventure. Ideal for ages 3 and over, A Strange New Space is in The Salberg on Monday 10 April.

On Tuesday 11 April audiences can follow the tale of Italian ice cream seller Jim who falls in love with Alice in a 1950s whirlwind romance. However, all is not as sweet as it seems when their lives are turned upside down by the arrival of their son, Sam… a very unusual boy! Oyster Boy is based on the title story of Tim Burton’s The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy. Mixing storytelling, clowning, singing, dance and puppetry, it is ideal for ages 8 and over.

The epic tale of the smallest hero in the world, Tom Thumb, is a great Easter treat for those aged 4 and over. Join him on a magical journey to defeat a fearsome dragon on Wednesday 12 April.

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