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A dark comedy about nosiness gone wild

Fish Eye
25 January 2017

Exeter-based Theatre Alibi brings its latest show, Fish Eye, to The Salberg on Saturday 18 February as part of Theatre Fest West.

Fish Eye is a dark comedy about nosiness gone wild. When someone steals Pam’s Elizabethan sideboard she’s convinced that one of her neighbours is the culprit. Turning the idea of Neighbourhood Watch completely on its head, she decides to watch her neighbours instead. With the help of her nephew who works in security, Pam graduates from curtain twitching to spy cameras hidden in hand-knitted novelties. What Pam uncovers is what she’s always suspected, that her neighbours are all on the verge of terrible crimes.

Fish Eye is a very funny sideways take on how the hacking of every inch of our lives has run completely out of control – Britain has more CCTV cameras in place than anywhere else in the world and the Sunday Times recently estimated that the average person is recorded between 70 and 100 times a day. The so-called “Snoopers Charter”, The Investigatory Powers Bill is currently going through Parliament, which will force telecoms companies and internet service providers to store every person’s communications data, including records of calls, texts, emails and their entire internet browsing history for a year.

Fish Eye is written by award-winning playwright Daniel Jamieson, whose play The Lovers of Vitebsk was performed this summer at London’s Globe Theatre. It is directed by Theatre Alibi’s Artistic Director Nikki Sved. Pam, played by Maggie O’Brien, tells her own deeply dodgy story accompanied by live music and her very own spy camera footage.

Fish Eye is performed in The Salberg at Salisbury Playhouse at 2.45pm and 7.45pm on Saturday 18 February as part of Theatre Fest West. It is recommended for those aged 14 years and over. For tickets or more information please contact the Ticket Office on 01722 320333 or visit the show page.